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Bill    Maresh    
    September    18,    2020 

We    are    pleased    to    inform    you    that    the    Minnesota    Gun    Owners    Political    Action    Committee    has    officially    endorsed    your    candidacy    as    State    Representative    District    36A    for    the    2020    General    Election.        In    addition,    our    parent    organization,    the    Minnesota    Gun    Owners    Caucus,    has    awarded    you    the    grade    of    A    (P)    for    your    support    for    gun    rights    in    Minnesota.    The    grading    scale    and    other    details    of    our    process    can    be    viewed    at        Our    endorsement    is    based    on    a    number    of    factors,    including    your    overall    record    of    public    statements    and    votes,    responses    to    our    current    and    previous    candidate    surveys,    and    other    factors    that    indicate    support    for    the    constitutional    rights    of    Minnesota’s    gun    owners.        We    are    confident    that    you    will    be    a    strong,    steadfast    supporter    of    gun    rights    in    Saint    Paul    during    the    2021-2022    legislative    biennium    –    pushing    for    our    legislative    priorities    such    as    Constitutional    Carry    and    Stand    your    Ground    and    opposing    all    facets    of    the    gun    control    agenda.        We    encourage    you    to    use    this    information    in    any    manner    that    you    feel    may    be    helpful    to    your    campaign.                We    will    also    work    with    gun    owners    and    other    voters    in    your    district    to    ensure    that    they    give    you    their    full    support.        Thank    you    for    your    strong    support    of    the    Second    Amendment    and    your    commitment    to    individual    liberty.        Please    accept    our    best    wishes    for    a    successful    campaign.  


     Yours    in    Liberty,                              

 Rob    Doar and   Bryan    Strawser 


NFIB PAC Endorses Bill Maresh Over Representative Zack Stephenson

ST. PAUL, Minn., Sept. 22, 2020

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) PAC, the political arm of the state’s most influential small business group, today announced its endorsement of challenger Bill Maresh over incumbent Representative Zack Stephenson in the District 36A House race. “Maresh scored a perfect 100% on the NFIB candidate questionnaire and has a great commitment and concern for small business,” said Mike Hickey, NFIB Minnesota State Director. He supports funding our massive state government without additional general tax increases, supports the critical section 179 conformity with federal tax law that will greatly help many small businesses and farmers, and a much needed preemption law prohibiting cities from enacting minimum wage increases that exceed the state’s and other employment mandates on local businesses. He also supports many other small business priorities. In stark contrast, Rep. Stephenson made many votes detrimental to small business during the 2019–20 session and had a disappointing 29% rating. He voted for a massive 70% increase in the state gas tax, a large, unjustifiable $3 billion tax increase over the next four years while the state was running a $1 billion surplus, and also supported an excessively expensive new $1 billion state paid family leave program that would place a new tax on every employer and worker in the state. All of these bills were strongly opposed by NFIB. “The choice for the small business community in the House District 36A race is an easy one, we are enthusiastically endorsing Bill Maresh and hope to see him serve in the legislature and help enact a pro small business agenda in St. Paul,” said Hickey. Endorsement of Maresh by the NFIB Minnesota PAC is based on positions taken on key small business issues including healthcare, taxes, labor, and regulatory issues.

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Congratulations Bill!  You have been endorsed for election by the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49. The skilled trades men and women of these unions are grateful for your commitment to protecting the wages and benefits generations of workers fought to earn.


Christopher J. DeLaForest, CEO

DeLaForest Consulting, LLC


Heading 1

The MCCL State PAC is pleased to endorse Bill Maresh in the 2020 General Election for District 36A of the Minnesota House of Representatives. The MCCL State PAC is a separate, segregated fund of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, Inc.  Our very best wishes for success in all your efforts.  



Retiring Rep. Mark Uglem, R-Champlin, announced today his endorsement of Bill Maresh, a longtime Champlin Park teacher and wrestling coach, for Minnesota House for District 36A. Uglem has served the district, which is comprised of Champlin and parts of Coon Rapids, since 2013 and announced his retirement earlier this year. Prior to his legislative service, Uglem served as Mayor of Champlin for six years. 

"Bill Maresh has my full support to be the next state representative for Champlin and Coon Rapids," Uglem said. "Bill is one of us—he's a longtime Champlin resident, a teacher, a dad, and a coach. He has served the community in the classroom for more than 25 years, and now I hope you'll join me in supporting him as he looks to serve as our next state representative. Bill shares our community's values and will fight at the legislature to lower health care costs, reduce taxes on middle-class families, and use his experience as a teacher to strengthen our schools." 

"Mark Uglem has been a champion for our community, and has made our area a better place to live through his service as a Mayor and State Representative," Maresh said. "It's an honor to have his endorsement, and I will work every day to build on his work on behalf of families in Champlin and Coon Rapids as your next state representative."  Maresh has worked as a teacher at Champlin Park High School for 25 years, and has been the head wrestling coach since 1993. Please vote for 'Coach' Bill Maresh in the general election November 6th.