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Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC endorses Bill Maresh for Minnesota House

ST. PAUL – The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC endorsed Bill Maresh for the Minnesota House in the Nov. 6 general election. “It’s important to help elect individuals who understand the needs of employers in Minnesota – from competitive taxes and workforce needs to health care costs and transportation investments,” said Laura Bordelon, treasurer of the Leadership Fund PAC. “Bill understands what it takes to grow Minnesota in today’s changing economy, and our PAC’s endorsement recognizes his strengths to work on behalf of Minnesota employers and employees. “Bill is committed to strengthening the business environment to improve the lives of all Minnesotans. A vote for Bill is a vote for a brighter economic future for residents of House District 36A and for Minnesota.” The Leadership Fund PAC Board uses specific criteria to determine its endorsements including responses to its candidate questionnaire, leadership on key business issues, and voting records of incumbent candidates. Click here for a list of all candidates endorsed by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC is a state-registered political action committee. The PAC represents supporters from across Minnesota organized to promote the election of pro-business, pro-jobs candidates to offices in Minnesota state government.

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